Luxury Homes At Affordable Prices
1.Home Site Reservation:
The day that you choose your home site we will ask you to place a $1000 deposit with us made payable to First American Title. This check will be held un-cashed and is fully refundable until you enter into your purchase agreement. You will then set up an appointment for a financing approval from our preferred lender, iMortgage.

Although we ask that all buyers obtain an approval from our preferred lender prior to entering into a purchase agreement, you are not required to use any specific lender. Ask about closing cost incentives when you close your loan transaction with our preferred lender. We are confident that our preferred lender will not only offer you a competitive rate but will also provide you with wonderful customer service and make the financing of your new home as hassle free as possible.

3.Purchase Agreement:
Now that you have chosen your floor plan, we are ready to move forward with your purchase agreement. At the signing of your contract, you will increase your deposit by $1,000 and that check shall be made payable to First American Title.

4.Design Appointment:
Here is where the fun really begins. Our Sales Agent will guide you through the many choices you have to customize your home and have it be as unique as you are. If options are chosen that increase your purchase price, by more than $2,500, then you will be required to give a check for the difference to our Sales Agent. This check is also to be made payable to First American Title.

5.During Construction:
On average homes take between 3 1/2 to 4 months to build. We know how exciting building a new home can be. Driving by your home on a regular basis is perfectly acceptable and we encourage you to do so. We do ask, however, that you do not enter into your home site. Not only are we bound by strict rules from our insurance provider, but a construction site can be extremely dangerous. Your safety is extremely important to us. See a Sales Representative if you have any questions regarding this issue.

6.Home Orientation:
About a week before your home closes escrow you will meet with the Owner/Builder who will familiarize you with each individual component of your new home. He will share with you what to do in an emergency situation, routine maintenance as well as answer any last questions you may have before the delivery of your new home.

7.Loan Documents:
Approximately the same time as you have your final walk through you will also be signing your loan documents at the title company. This is also the time you will need to bring in any additional down payment money (if applicable).

8.Closing Escrow:
Shortly after you sign your loan documents at the title company your home will close escrow, you will be notified by your title officer or a West Point Estates representative when this occurs. You will then contact our Sales Office to receive the keys for your new West Point Estates Home.

Sales Process